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Owner/ Brand Designer Mariam Maturelli
Slow Fashion

MATURELLI is a Georgian brand founded in 2012.

The founder is Mariam M., continuing the history of her family, her father and grandfather, the artists influenced her sense of this world since childhood, and now Mariam works on collection design, each Look Book is made by her personally, with its help she easily conveys her philosophy.

The collections reflect the deep history and heritage of Georgia, embodying elements of Georgian costume and bright national colors in each garment.

Each product is hand-made in Tbilisi.

In the MATURELLI collection, women can find their basic needs for individuality, comfort and health.

Today we sew models of dresses from the remains of fabrics from large factories in Turkey and Italy. Thus, we wanted not only to draw attention to the trend of "slow fashion", but also to take a step towards achieving cyclicality of our business processes that will help the planet breathe fresh air.

Environmental issues worries us, knowing the fact that greenhouse gas emissions from textile production AMOUNTED TO 1.2 BILLION, MORE THAN ALL INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS AND SEA SHIPPING IS COLLECTED.

This is a problem for everyone and we are part of it.

Our brand speaks about this at the Fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, at the Tranoi exhibition in Paris, wherever we participate, our collections speak for us.

Now is the time we are introducing innovative combinations of sustainable fashion and ancient Georgian techniques.

We create capsule collections in which the model of the product can be created without repetition, this gives a woman the opportunity to emphasize her character and individuality, because there are no identical people on this planet. Each person with his inner world is unique, and his clothes will be.

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